Leadership Council

The Leadership Council works in concert with the Executive Board and Management Council to make sure all our League programs are consistent with our mission and that our strategy is pushed forward according to yearly strategic priorities.

      2018-2019 Leadership Council

Committee Chair Name
Children’s Literacy Project Elizabeth Fisher
Community Action Laura Campbell
Community Advisory Board Alison St. Cyr
Diaper Bank Caroline Foss
Dragon Boat Event Lillian Chor & Katie Crowe
Enabling Fund Sarah Peet
Endowment Lindsay Dorrance
Family Literacy Night Monica Kirkland
Food 4 Kids Autumn Etheredge
Fundraising- Annual Campaign Caroline Wright
Fundraising- Corporate Kristen Brady
Gasparilla Invasion Julie Johnston
Girl Power! Elizabeth Scarola
Grants Diana Hechavarria
Headquarters Carlee Cone Bowdoin
Holiday Gift Market Kimy Marino & Sarah Balmer
Human Trafficking Awareness Lisa Reeves
Impact Newsletter Sophie Steinberg
JLT Marketplace- Cookbooks Morgan Nobo
JLT Marketplace- Merchandise Dawn Short
Kids Connect Jenni Bell
Kids in the Kitchen Provisional Project Heather Hall
Legal Rachel Jackson
Love Bundles Tricia Boucek & Erin McWhorter Jones
Luminaries Allison Smedley
Meeting Manager Emily Read
Member Meetings & Events Cassidy Murray & Abby Stevens
Mentor Laura Everitt
MILO Carrie Bien
Placement Jennifer Dutkowsky
Project Development and Evaluation Allie Torrence
Prospective Member Engagement Kendra Velilla
Provisional Education Elizabeth Dunsmoor
Public Affairs Maggie McCleland & Melanie Brown
Public Relations and Marketing Beverly Foster
Ready to Achieve Ashley Stultz
The Sandspur Kendra Lyman
Entela Caisse
Spur of the Moment Teneille Kuznicki
Strategic Planning Fiona-Lee Gerrard
Sustainer Tracie Domino
Sustainer President Leslie Jennewein
Technology Andrea Webb
Toastmasters Katelyn Rumenik
Training Jenny Augustyniak
Transfers Kara Bernstein
Volunteer At-Large Nicki Mohr Hall