Leadership Council

The Leadership Council works in concert with the Executive Board and Management Council to make sure all our League programs are consistent with our mission and that our strategy is pushed forward according to yearly strategic priorities.

      2017-2018 Leadership Council

Committee Chair Name
Arrangements Brandy Waltzer
By-Laws Marie Hebbler
Children’s Literacy Project Heather Walsh
Community Action Kenisha Ray
Community Advisory Board Chloe Cullinan
Dragon Boat Event Tina Patel & Megan Tetro
Enabling Fund Lauren Gstalder
Endowment Allison Torrence
Family Literacy Night Katie Selman
Food 4 Kids Melissa Knight Nodhturft
Fundraising- Annual Campaign Dossie Marrone-Ward
Fundraising- Corporate Brittany Stahl
Fundraising Evaluation Becky Ho
Gasparilla Invasion Rachel Jackson
Girl Power! Julia Martinez
Grants Dulcinea Kimrey
Headquarters Jenny Augustyniak
Holiday Gift Market Carlee Cone Bowdoin & Shelby Tuttle
Human Trafficking Awareness Elizabeth Dunsmoor
Impact Newsletter Cathy Kamm
JLT Marketplace- Cookbooks Lauren Sanchez
JLT Marketplace- Merchandise Megna Rindone
Kids Connect Allison Smedley
Kids in the Kitchen Provisional Project Kathryn Crowe
Legal Amber McDonnell
Love Bundles Nicki Mohr Hall
Luminaries Sarah Martisek & Jessica Stravino
Meeting Manager Stephanie Haas
Placement Jennifer Dutkowsky
Placement Mentor Avery Colman
Project Development and Evaluation Kendra Velilla
Provisional Education Laurel Moynihan
Public Affairs Lindsey Parks
Public Relations and Marketing Maggie McCleland
Ready to Achieve Kara Rapozo
The Sandspur Margaret Cashill
Social Kara Bernstein
Spur of the Moment Meg Bock
Strategic Planning Caroline Foss
Sustainer Andrea Webb, Virginia Doherty, & Beth Schatzberg
Sustainer President Betsy Chambers
Technology Carmelita Hui
Toastmasters Sarah Walters
Training Erin Cassidy
Transfers Rebecca Towner
Volunteer At-Large Jenny Schroeder