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The Junior League of Tampa, Inc. publishes The Sandspur, its official magazine, quarterly throughout the year. Each issue reaches over 1,900 members and 600 partners, which are mailed directly to homes, businesses, community partners, and civic leaders. Readers remain up to date on programs funded and supported by the League as well as current community issues within the Tampa Bay area.

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The Sandspur - The official magazine of The Junior League of Tampa is published quarterly and distributed to over 2,000 members and 600 partners.

Advertisers may submit a full page, half page, quarter-page, or custom banner for publishing in any of the four issues, or in all four of the issues, during the 2020-2021 year. Advertisers published in multiple issues (2 or more) may submit ads tailored to each issue, or can choose to use the same ad for each copy.

2020-2021 Advertiser Deadlines

Deadlines for advertisement submissions and payment for the 2019-2020 year are as follows:

FALL September 1, 2020 (Publication Target Date: September 26, 2020)
WINTER October 1, 2020 (Publication Target Date: December 9, 2020)
SPRING January 3, 2021 (Publication Target Date: March 9, 2021)
SUMMER    March 1, 2021 (Publication Target Date: June 15, 2021)


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