Inspiring Leader Award

This award is given to a Chair who inspires and motivates her committee and other members she works with throughout the year. She consistently lives the League Mission, and her leadership in the League is thoughtful and innovative. The winner is announced at Annual Dinner.

Congratulations to Caroline Foss, our 2019 Inspiring Leader!

Caroline Foss honored as the 2019 Inspiring Leader by The Junior League of Tampa

Caroline Foss served as Chair of the inaugural Diaper Bank Committee. Her visionary leadership has brought the Diaper Bank from an idea to a project distributing over 100,000 diapers in just one year.

Caroline is passionate about ending diaper need and improving lives for families in Hillsborough County. Constantly problem solving, she keeps a notebook on bedside table to write down ideas that come to her in the middle of the night. She shares this passion with her committee, whom she empowers to innovate and grow the project with her.

Caroline will continue to lead the Diaper Bank committee in 2019-2020. We are confident the second year of the Diaper Bank will bring even more positive impact under Caroline’s inspiring leadership.

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