Sustainer of the Year Award

The Sustainer of the Year Award is presented to a Sustainer who has shown outstanding volunteer service in a community service organization or through community service over a significant number of years after the age of forty.

Congratulations to Betsy Chambers, the 2019-2020 Sustainer of the Year!

Betsy has remarkable legacy in and out of the League. As a past President and Sustainer President, she has never shied away from an opportunity to rally the troops for good. Outside of JLT she has been leader with many Tampa institutions, including The Chiselers, Mary Lee’s House, The Home Association, John B. Gorrie Foundation, and so many more.

A lawyer by trade, she worked for years in the State Attorney’s Office 13th Judicial Circuit and the United States Attorney’s Office- Middle District of Florida. Notably, she served four years as the Chief Assistant in the State Attorney’s Office, breaking barriers as the first woman to hold that position in Florida.

Betsy truly embodies the JLT Mission.


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