Provisional of the Year

The Provisional of the Year award is given to a Provisional Member who demonstrates great effort within her class. Any Provisional Member nominated for Provisional of the Month is considered for this award. The winner is announced at the Provisional Education Year End Event.

Congratulations to Bianca Williams-Schafer, the 2019-2020 Provisional of the Year!

Bianca has already made a huge impact on the League with her bubbly personality and passion for the community. A Speech-Language Pathologist by day, Bianca is dedicated to helping others.

Next year Bianca will be taking on a leadership role as the Kids Connect Assistant Chair. We know fun attitude and energy will be a huge asset to the Kids Connect team as they plan events to help match children and families interested in adoption.


Previous Provisional of the Year Award Recipients 

2009 – Aspen Kahl

2010 – Paola Grunner

2012 – Erin Greco

2013 – Tena Vozenilek

2014 – Kenisha Ray

2015 – Paulina Tam

2016 – Sophie Steinberg

2017 – Annie Lam

2018 – Alyssa Beene

2019 – Lindsey Dewey