Annual Campaign & Individual Donors

Annual Campaign’s sole purpose is to raise money to pay for the League’s projects and programs. Each year we ask our members as well as individuals and businesses in the community to support our efforts and our Mission by donating to our Annual Campaign.

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Donations are matched with over 50,000 volunteer hours per year equaling $1,104,000 of volunteer time! NOTE: 1 hour = $23.33 in Florida (

Your donation makes a difference! Donate to The Junior League of Tampa's Annual Campaign.

How Can I Donate?

Donating to Annual Campaign is easy. Donors can choose to make a cash contribution, pledge with the Contributors’ Plan, or donate items in-kind.

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Donor Benefits

The Junior League of Tampa donors receive a variety of benefits based on their level of giving. Donor benefits can include recognition in League publications, tickets to special events, and promotional materials.
See our Donor Benefits page for more details.