Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Committee informs and educates League Members about legislation that affects our issue areas on both a local and state level. The committee engages with members of the Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation, the Hillsborough County Commission, the Tampa City Council, and the Hillsborough County School Board in support of the League’s advocacy efforts.


Activate813 Logo - Collaborative Initiative created by The Junior League of Tampa

In preparation for the 2018 Elections, The Junior League of Tampa helped create the collaborative initiative known as Activate813. Activate813 is a local collaboration of community organizations in the Tampa area that have come together for meetings to discuss important issues and new ways of partnering to reach more citizens. Activate813 focuses on voter education, registration, and engagement within Tampa and Hillsborough County.

State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC)

The Junior League of Tampa participates in the State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC), a non-partisan education and advocacy organization representing 22 Junior Leagues and over 11,000 women statewide. Together, we have monitored legislation and advocated for issues of importance to our members for almost 40 years to help improve the lives for Florida women, children and families.

2016-2017 SPAC Position Statements

Improved Education
The Junior Leagues of Florida State Public Affairs Committee recognizes that quality education is essential if our state’s students are to become productive members of our global society. We are committed to excellence, equality of access, and safety in our schools.
At-Risk Youth
The Junior Leagues of Florida State Public Affairs Committee is committed to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the stability and quality of life for all of Florida’s youth. We will work to ensure that children and youth have the opportunities and services essential for their physical, intellectual, and emotional growth, as well as their economic wellbeing.
Health and Hunger
The Junior Leagues of Florida State Public Affairs Committee is committed to advocating for better access to quality healthcare and
to awareness and prevention programs to improve the mental and physical health of the people of our state. We also work to increase access to plentiful, fresh, healthy food for all Floridians, so that no child goes hungry.
Community Safety
The Junior Leagues of Florida State Public Affairs Committee is committed to keeping the people of our state safe. From finding solutions to the increase in violence to advocating for the wellbeing of children and youth, we support programs, policies, and educational initiatives that reduce and prevent incidences of harm. We advocate for the safety of children and youth, from requiring children to ride in automobile booster seats to the prevention of youth identity theft to protecting children from traffickers and sexual offenders. We also work to ensure the effective, equitable, and timely delivery of justice for offenders.