Membership Experience

The Junior League of Tampa Members

Being a member of The Junior League of Tampa means being part of a group of women dedicated to making an impact on their community, developing their potential, and lifting each other up. Membership looks different for everyone. But we are united by our desire to develop our potential, improve communities, and promote voluntarism.

Leadership for Women

We understand the challenges women in leadership face every day. Our goal is to make leadership experiences accessible to all women.

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Valuing Your Time

Our members identify as employees, bosses, mothers, partners, daughters, friends, and many other titles. That is why we offer leadership opportunities with a variety of different time commitments, so members can find what works for them.

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Providing Diverse Opportunities

Our members have diverse interests and we have leadership opportunities in a variety of areas. We provide members the chance to develop skills and competencies across all of the League’s operations.

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Our members want to improve their leadership skills.  The League creates a unique space where women can be challenged and championed by other women, who are united by the same Mission.

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Our members want the chance to grow. We provide space for members to take on larger roles inside the League and outside the League through our expansive network of community partners.


Members of The Junior League of Tampa have responsibilities based on their years of service.

Annual Dues – Every member pays an annual fee to maintain her membership. Dues are used to fund 100% of the League’s administrative expenses.

League Job – Active members are required to hold a League job, or placement. Every year, members choose from over 300 different roles across all areas of the League.

Training & Volunteer Requirements – Members can choose from a variety of training and volunteer opportunities to fulfill their annual point requirements.

Fundraiser Support – Members are asked to support the League’s fundraising events throughout the year, which raise funds exclusively for our mission-based programs.