Love Bundles

Love Bundles

The Need

When a child enters foster care, they often have no personal belongings. They may leave home without basic clothing, toiletries, or a beloved comfort item.

The Response

Launched in 1996, the Love Bundles project provides backpacks with essential items to children within 24 hours of removal from their home due to neglect or abuse. League volunteers purchase, organize, and pack the Love Bundles backpacks. Backpacks are then distributed by our partners Eckerd Family Alternative and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

The Results

This past year over 1,500 backpacks have been delivered to children in need. Backpacks are prepared for all ages from infants to teenagers, keeping in mind each group’s unique need. The backpacks contain essential clothing, toiletry items, and an age appropriate comfort item, like a toy or blanket.

Thank you to the Lazydays  Employee Foundation for supporting the Love Bundles Project!