Provisional Members

Provisional Member Overview

As a Provisional Member, the first year is spent immersing our newest members in the mission of the League. The Provisional Education Committee works to acquaint, inform, and motivate our newest members and to empower them to explore, dream, and discover what The Junior League of Tampa offers them and also what they offer the League.

Provisional Obligations

Once accepted into the Provisional class, members must complete various requirements. Upon successful completion of these requirements between August and April, the member will be approved into Active membership by the Management Council. The following is a sample overview of the Provisional requirements. Requirements are subject to change.

  • Pay annual dues of $205
  • Attend one of the two Provisional Retreats (dates to be determined)
  • Purchase five cookbooks (total cost between $115-$125)
  • Purchase 10 Holiday Gift Market tickets (10 tickets at $5 each)
  • Work two 3-hour Holiday Gift Market shifts
  • Volunteer 6 hours for Kids in the Kitchen volunteer shifts
  • Work two 3-hour volunteer shifts (excluding Kids in the Kitchen)
  • Attend four General Membership meetings
  • Attend one training event
  • Attend monthly Provisional meetings
  • Participate in Provisional Bus Tour (date to be determined)