Endowment and Commemorative

Donate to Endowment Fund Today!

Thank you for your commitment to The Junior League of Tampa and your support of our Endowment Fund. We are pleased to report that the market value of The Fund as of June 2018 was $597,801.

Eight years ago, we launched the ‘Hike to a Half a Million’ Campaign to begin our Endowment Fund. Two years later, we launched another campaign in conjunction with The Junior League of Tampa’s 90th Year Anniversary called the 90th Endowment Campaign. The goal of our 90th Anniversary Campaign was to gain 90 new donors to our Endowment Fund bringing us closer to our initial endowment goal of $500,000. As a result of these two campaigns and investment income, the endowment has grown to over $579,000 over the last eight years.

The Endowment Fund is invested and managed by leading industry experts through the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay (CFTB). The Fund is managed according to the CFTB’s current asset allocation model, which is comprised of 70% equities and 30% fixed income with a diversified allocation. In return, we pay CFTB an annual fee equal to 1% of fund assets.

Our lifelong members have created a lasting legacy within the Tampa Bay community. The Endowment Fund helps preserve this legacy by being a cushion during times of economic uncertainty as well as a catalyst in times of prosperity. Therefore, growing The Fund remains one of our priorities. The Junior League of Tampa is proud of the wonderful legacy it holds within the Tampa Bay community and feels The Fund will be an integral part of ensuring that our legacy thrives through future generations.

During the 2018-2019 League year, we will develop a policy for how funds could be used in the future. The Endowment Committee along with the League’s Executive Board are currently researching the best plan for the annual income earned through The Fund and how it should be used to further the Mission of The Junior League of Tampa.

We look forward to communicating with you on a bi-annual basis and will share the proposed policy in the Spring.  Thank you for your support and trust in The Junior League of Tampa.


  • Cash Contributions can be made by credit card online  or by sending a check to JLT headquarters, specifying ‘Endowment Fund’ on the check. Contributions may also be sent directly to the CFTB with a note specifying designation to the ‘JLT Endowment Fund’.
    The Junior League of Tampa Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
    87 Columbia Drive 4300 W. Cypress Street, Suite 700
    Tampa, Florida 33606 Tampa, Florida 33607
  • Pledges for current and future donations are welcome and can be spread out over time. Pledges over $1,000 can be paid out over 5 years and $250 to $999 can be paid over the period of a year to be completed by June 30, 2018. The donor must specify in writing the total pledge amount and time period the payments will be made. Pledges can be made through the Endowment Fund Donor Form.
  • Securities, stocks and bonds can be donated on behalf of The Fund through the CFTB or directly to The Junior League of Tampa.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities  allow a donor to transfer assets to a charity and recognize an immediate tax deduction, and, in return, the charity promises to pay a specified annual (or semi-annual) amount back to the donor for the rest of his or her life, transferring the balance to the charity upon the donor’s death. The amount of the tax deduction is determined on an individual basis after taking into account the age of the donor and the amount of the annual payment.

If you are interested in making The Fund a designated beneficiary of a charitable gift annuity, please contact Molly James, VP, Philanthropy, of the CFTB, at (813) 282-1975 for more information.

For more information about The Junior League of Tampa’s Endowment Fund, please contact the Endowment Chair.