2017 Luminary Award Winners

We are pleased to announce The Luminaries award honorees for 2017. These individuals have made a lasting impact on our community and were honored at an awards luncheon at noon, on Friday May 5, 2017, at the Hilton Tampa Downtown.


The 2017 Award Winners are:

  • The Honorable Betty Castor
  • The Honorable Judge Katherine G. Essrig
  • J. Thomas Touchton

Get to know the 2017 Luminaries

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What is a Luminary?

LUMINARY a person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere

The Junior League of Tampa aims to improve the community by preserving and inspiring a legacy of luminaries who are catalysts for lasting community impact. As one of the preeminent leadership development organizations in Tampa, The League believes in the power of one individual to make a tangible difference in our community. Steeped in a 90 years of rich Tampa history, The League stands in a unique position to preserve the life histories of the people who have instituted transformative change in this community, and, through our partnership with WEDU PBS and the power of storytelling, inspire a future movement of community leaders.

To that end, The Junior League of Tampa partnered with WEDU PBS and created The Luminaries, an annual recognition program to showcase outstanding individuals, as exemplified by inspiring leadership, commitment to lasting community impact through advocacy, and achievement of prominence or distinction in a particular sphere. This leadership award takes recognition a step further by vividly capturing and preserving the influential stories of the award recipients through the creation of a prime time WEDU PBS broadcast of The Luminaries documentary and a permanent collection of digital biographies and display at the Tampa Bay History Center.

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