95 Years – A Look at the Past

What does 95 years of impact look like?

As we prepare to celebrate our 95th Birthday on April 2nd, this is the question on our minds. The Junior League of Tampa, like so many organizations, has been challenged and changed by the past year. We have been pushed to look at everything we do a new way and including our legacy.

COVID-19 was not the first challenge The Junior League of Tampa encountered. Three years after the original 22 members had gathered together, the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began. Once JLT navigated that crisis, it was long before World War II began, transforming the lives of young women in Tampa and beyond. When the dust of the war had settled, the workforce began to change. Suddenly women were breaking glass ceilings and managing full time careers, in addition to their volunteer work.

This roller coaster of history provides the context that makes JLT’s impact so outstanding. Despite the twists and turns, our members have continued showing up and giving back to their community. Their efforts have built some of Tampa’s most iconic institutions, invested in families of every shape and size, and made our community better.

The below timeline takes you on a journey through the past 95 years. The stories and photos are just a snapshot of what the past 95 years have held, but we hope you see the determination and dedication of our members. This our small attempt to capture 95 years of impact.