The Power of Women: Nancy Tower

Written By: Maren Auxier

Nancy Tower for The Junior League of Tampa's 1926 Blog

Nancy Tower is President and CEO of Tampa Electric Co. (TECO) and recently relocated to the Tampa Bay area with her family. She previously served as Chief Corporate Development Officer for Emera, where she focused on mergers and acquisitions and the advancement of strategic growth projects in the areas of electric and gas transmission and generation. Nancy has held numerous other senior roles for other major companies, including  positions as controller, vice president of customer operations and chief financial officer. Nancy is also a 2011 recipient of Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award.

Greatest Accomplishment

Nancy is most proud of raising her three children. “There are lots of times when you are working really hard and your children are young and you are traveling, and you are wondering how it’s all going to turn out,” she said. “I am very close with my children, and they are all doing well. They are my greatest accomplishment.”

Impacting the Community

Nancy has historically been highly involved in the communities in which she has lived, and her past service includes chairing the United Way campaign for several years. She looks forward to many opportunities she has on the horizon to get more involved in the Tampa Bay area through TECO and other voluntarism efforts as she settles into the community.

Advancing One’s Career

Nancy encourages both men and women to be curious and always learning. “It is important to manage your career,” she says. “Look for opportunities through the lens of, am I going to learn something that is going to advance my career, learn the business and grow?”

“I think it is important to put your hand up and say, ‘I’d like that role,'” she added. She stresses the importance of being proactive in going for the job or position that you want, and being confident in your ability to do it. This does not mean that a person needs to know it all, but she should trust that she knows enough.

The Workplace Environment for Women

Although Nancy notes that our society still has a way to go, she considers herself fortunate to have worked in organizations with multiple women in leadership and other senior positions.

Balancing Work and Home

Nancy believes it is important to find time for oneself, and she particularly enjoys waking up early in the morning and going for a run with girlfriends. “Whatever job I was in did not define me,” she said. “For me the most important thing was family and friends.”

Traits of Great Leaders

Nancy lists three guidelines for a great leader: do not have a big ego, effectuate direct and clear communication, and practice humility and respect for others.

Recommended Reading

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This post is the third of a three part series The Power of Women: How Three Tampa Leaders are Making a Difference. The article originally appeared in the Fall 2018 edition of The Sandspur.

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